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I read your story Toilet story, and I remembered I had a similar experence last year. I am a heterosexual man 22 years old and on vacation. IWAS on the beach, wearing only cut jeans and sandals. no need to go to the bathroom upstairs, I asked where the nearest public and told me it was a good distance. Waent Anyway I was the last thing on my mind was sex. could change, but that was when I got dirty bathroom, I could smell the urine and see the walls of messages and pictures of men sucking cock and ass covered. I found the only fucking cube hqtube had a lock on the door latch and stood behind me. the back of the door was covered with drawings, felt tip pen and stories with hqtube some phone numbers. Anyone have a peephole sowe it took time, was the door should be very thick I quickly hacked this covered with toilet paper, and although I found myself not hurry shit and started reading some of the stories in tile walls white. suddenly I heard footsteps and enter theToilet and frozen until the guy left and sour imadgine my surprise when I saw my plug toilet paper begin to start gradually from sight dissipear. at that moment I felt very cold and hqtube thought, why not show it. pretending not to notice me in the eye I looked at the door that was slowly unbuttoning the top of the pants then slid the zipper. I turned around to face into the toilet and slowly my shorts and pants to the ankles bend down to bare my fans have a right to full veiw of my butt exposed. I was like hqtube this too long and acatually susspect me he knew I enjoyed it expoing. I have, then took some toilet roll and sought to remove the seat clean all the time making sure he was bent so hqtube that it is possible to give a full view. i turned around to face the door and exposing my erect cock and I did my arms streaching Yuan so he could see every inch of my naked body. I have done nothing for me KNE reavealw was watching me and sat on the toilet in front of the peephole Then I began to shake Slow Me Down moanong joy seen someone point me to a level knowage even masturbated with only the index finger and thumb, hqtube so acquiring a better understanding about my foreskin up and down my final slidind purple bell. i can feel about me and whispered tomyself oh God is so good then I felt my first jet blast is followed quickly by several more of me. It achieved most of my sternum and left hqtube a sticky white belly slope to mine. ilook graffatti surrounded in the sights and not seee my eye suitors hanent sound throughout the episode. I did some tissue and wipe my chest and stomach pulled my pants and opened the door when I go to the bathroom was empty, but it was not a spy out of the stack of wet tissue sperm still saw the face or said. sometimes I have to stand in front of the mirror and masturbate in imadineingIng observed. if hes reading this, I hope you enjoyed the show both how much we enjoyed, so
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